The Scholarship application deadline is May 1st

ANDREW HUNT is our Scholarship Chair. You can reach Andrew by email at or call him at 405-612-7425. Prior to contacting Andrew with any questions please read all the information below as it will answer many of your questions. YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION, simply click here. 

Eligibility Criteria
New age limit. An applicant must be between the ages of 10 – 16. An Applicant must play a traditional acoustic instrument: such as acoustic guitar, fiddle, mandolin, bass, resophonic guitar or banjo. A music teacher or a performing adult artist must sponsor an applicant by sending a letter of recommendation. The applicant must send a detailed letter of support to the Scholarship Chair by the deadline date. Previous scholarship winners who continue to meet the eligibility requirements must reapply each year.

Application Criteria

Applications must be received by 5/1. An incomplete application (an application lacking sponsorship, letters of recommendation, or personal letter) is considered “flawed” and will be disqualified. You may request scholarship forms from the OIBF web site or by sending an email message to You may also request an application in writing to OIBF, P. O. Box 1585, Guthrie, Ok. 73044, please send a self-addressed stamped envelope. If requesting/submitting a mail application YOU MUST SEND YOUR APPLICATION/DVD PACKAGE TO THE P.O. BOX listed on the application VIA U.S. POSTAL SERVICE because UPS/FEDEX & OTHER DELIVERY SERVICES CANNOT DELIVER TO A POST OFFICE BOX. THANKS.

An applicant should include with their application:

2. The music style you are demonstrating on the video must be either of the following styles; bluegrass, western swing, country, old-time or folk.

3. List any performances you have been in and any awards you have won.

4. Application must include what you need the scholarship funds to go for: i.e. a private music school, lessons from a professional, a music camp or workshop.

5. Application must be completed with the information as to the name of the school applicant will be attending, dates of school/workshop, school/workshop contact and amount of school/workshop, etc.

6. Proof of age is required.

Additional Information

OIBF is a non profit 501 (C)(3) organization dedicated to recognizing and supporting the educational and career goals of America’s next generation of performing artists. The OIBF scholarship Fund is one of the public service functions of the OIBF. Funds are disbursed in the name of the school/workshop/camp only.

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