Oklahoma’s International Bluegrass Festival is a great place for music, camping, jamming and family fun!  Our website strives to give you all the information you need, so enjoy a “click & scroll” through our pages and enjoy the photos below. If you have further questions, here’s our contact information:

Oklahoma’s International Bluegrass Festival
PO BOX 1585, Guthrie OK 73044-1585
Website:               www.oibf.com
Facebook Page:   www.facebook.com/OIBF.page
Telephone:           405-282-4446
Email:                    info@oibf.com  

Youth Scholarships: To inquire about or apply for OIBF Youth Scholarships please visit our Scholarships page and Scholarship Terms page for information. You’ll find a fillable PDF Scholarship Application on each of those pages. The age range for youth scholarships is between 10 and 16 years old. Our new Scholarship Chair is Andrew Hunt. After reading all the info on the scholarship pages, if you still have questions you can contact Andrew by email at andrew.hunt@huntfamilyband.com or by phone at 405-612-7425.

Volunteers:  OIBF is grateful to the over 400 volunteers we use every year. To find out how to volunteer and what is required please email our Volunteer Coordinator Stacey Frazier at  oibfvol@gmail.com.

Food Vendors: To inquire about being a Food Vendor email info@oibf.com 

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We look forward to having you join us this year! Here’s a little photo journey…


The Homemade Ice Cream vendor is always a favorite!


Some of the instruments available at our Auction, which benefits our Youth Scholarship Program.


A beautiful sunset over the food court. Lots of goodies to eat, a covered seating area where you can rest or dine, and you can hear the music just fine while you’re there! Of course, you’re welcome to take your food to your chair in the audience and enjoy it while you watch the show!


The BlueSide of Lonesome sells and signs their CD’s in the merchandise tent. This band from Japan is a big favorite


The Merchandise Tent offers a nice variety of OIBF apparel, great posters, artists CD’s, auction items and some surprises each year! Be sure to take some time to visit.


2016 Youth Competition Winners with Byron Berline & Ron Mashore


Gyros & other yummies are a popular choice!


Jamming is always fun in the campground! You’ll find RVer’s, tent campers, seniors, youngsters and everyone in between enjoying the campground. You can also sign up to perform at the “Cottonwood Stage” in the campground – which is a lot of fun every year.


Good Time BBQ has lots of good vittles cooked right on the spot!


Oklahoma Senator Yen and his wife Pam enjoyed the festival. Here they visit with OIBF President & super fiddler Byron Berline and OIBF Board Member & Performer Jim Paul Blair.


Over 400 volunteers help put on OIBF every year – we could not do it without them! Here they help shoppers with their selections.


Photographer Tom Dunning has been taking great photos for OIBF for a long time. He deserves a quick break to enjoy the music once in a while!


Lots of variety here and festival-goers lined up to enjoy the food!


2016 entertainer Rushad Eggleston and one of his younger fans take a photo op!


Thurday nights Random Band Jam has become a real highlight! Every year has a “theme” and 2016 was “Mayberry RFD”.


Somebody has to take control and “nip it in the bud” at the Random Band Jam – so here’s Jim Paul Blair channeling Barney Fife to keep everyone in line. Everyone loved it!


Bret Graham (white hat) and his sister are all smiles after she won the auction for the 2016 20th anniversary OIBF quilt. She was really excited. GOOD NEWS – Donna Lynes (on left with her husband) is hand making another beautiful quilt for our 2017 auction!


Quilter Donna Lynes created this fantastic 20th anniversary quilt for our auction. Our volunteers had lots of ticket buyers all weekend for a chance to win the quilt.


The audience enjoys the show!


Parking and gate control are handled by the young people from Guthrie Job Corps every year, and they do a fine job! They especially get compliments on how they help our mobility impaired guests.


Fresh lemonade & shaved ice are always a hit!


Sunset over OIBF can be spectacular – here’s the food vendor area across the lawn.


Volunteer Coordinator Stacey Frazier does a little shirt shopping from some volunteers in the merchandise tent.


The homemade ice cream crew serves a LOT of tasty treats during OIBF!


Tom Webb, our “fearless leader” & OIBF Coordinator, very reluctantly missed OIBF in 2016 because he was in the hospital (although he kept trying to get released so he could come to the event).Lots of our regulars wanted to show him he was missed! We had a huge crowd in front of the stage with this sign and then here’s a fella we miss dearly (on the right). George was one of our emcees and a dear friend for many years. We’ll miss him at OIBF2017. George is pictured with his wife Lorene, and Byron’s Berline’s biographer, author Jane Frost and local fabric store owner Laura.


John Hickman wanted to add his message to Tom Webb. Tom’s doing fine now and is hard at work on the 2017 festival!


Another Random Band Jam entry! All ages, all talent levels always enjoy the Random Band Jam!


More of the great instruments auctioned to help fund Youth Music Scholarships.


“Officer Barney Fife” rounded up bones player Barry “Bones” Patton for a quick chat.


Lots of hungry folks in the food concession area around sunset. There is a variety of food & beverages available for sale. No outside food or drinks may be brought into the event.